Tumpahkan Pikiran

Mari tumpahkan pikiran.

Akhir – akhir ini gue ngerasa banyak hal yang harus diselesaikan, tapi sebenarnya semua udah terselesaikan. Banyak hal yang lalu lalang di kepala gue, tapi semuanya hanyalah kekosongan. Gue ngerasa bingung tanpa arah. Ketika gue ingin melakukan hal – hal yang gue suka, sejujurnya gue paling suka berdiam diri dan berpikir.. Nggak ada kegiatan paling mengasyikkan daripada bermain dan berpikir kira – kira sampai mana batas imajinasi gue bisa membawa. Hmm, apalagi kalau bisa membawa sesuatu yang menghasilkan duit. 😆

Gue lagi bingung nih gue mau kemana dan ngapain. Gue punya pertanyaan tapi gue nggak tau apakah pertanyaannya. Ketika gue memikirkan pertanyaannya, semakin kosong pikiran gue terbikin. Jadi heran sendiri kadang – kadang apa sih yang lagi ada di pikiran gue? Makanya gue mencoba menyibukkan diri dan menjadi seproduktif mungkin dengan menciptakan mahakarya agung untuk diri gue sendiri. But still, i can’t get the emptiness outta my mind.

Mungkin gue perlu pacar kali ya. -_- Yup, lately i start thinking to get a girlfriend. But let’s assume if i already have. What would i do with her? Spending saturday nights watching movies with a popcorn on my lap, sitting  next close to her and saying to her how much i love her? No, that won’t do. I think i can do someting more interesting rather than that. Eventhough that is really interesting to do, but no output for me.. But, we should do meaningless things sometimes, right? Sometimes meaningless stuffs makes us happy rather than productive ones.

I’m not designing any part of my words. It’s just come out from my mind. This confuseness of irrationality that always bugs me these days. I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s all what’s in my mind. I want something but i don’t know.

New phone? Nah, mine still good. Handycam? I’m not really want into a video blogger stuff. I really really fuckin’ don’t know what i really want. This kind of thing makes my mind crazy.

Maybe it’s because one of my cat alraedy left home and let him on the street? I think about him recently, but that doesn’t really concern me anymore. Well, mom was instructed anyone to look for the cat. So let’s wait for his return.

What the hell did i really wont? God, please show me what i want. Maybe my mind is crazy because i miss You, huh?


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